November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Business Matching

We help make your visit to the show more productive

We strive to make the Automotive World China show a more productive business environment. To help you expand your business contacts, we've created a full range of free, non-sponsored business matching (exhibitor referral) services before, during, and after the show. After you complete your visitor pre-registration or on-site visit registration, the system will automatically recommend by email or WeChat a list of exhibitors that match the products and purposes of your visit that you have checked in the visitor registration form. Make the most out of these services:


  • View personalized recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products
  • Discover exhibitors or products you may not have seen before
  • Save time on directory searches and plan your visit efficiently
  • Structured events at the show to help you expand your business network


Buyer insights from the show floor:


  • Buyers respond positively to the service of matching them with the right exhibitors, and they recognize its value
  • Buyers liked and appreciated the exhibitor referrals for providing them with the right guidance for their visit
  • Buyer feedback that targeted referrals helped them use their time at the show more effectively
  • Buyer feedback that Exhibitor Referral helped them to achieve more and higher quality business meetings at the show
  • Buyer feedback that exhibitor referrals helped them find and meet new exhibitors at the show


How to participate


  • Complete and submit your industry information, product interests, and purpose of visit in the visitor registration form.
  • After completing your visitor registration, you will receive personalized recommendations of products, exhibitors, and concurrent events that you can expect to see at the show. Our recommendations are a useful supplement to your own visit planning.


Referrals are not sponsored and your information will not be shared with exhibitors - they are based on your own interests as indicated on the visitor registration form. Make the most out of these referrals!


For more information, please contact:

Linda Gao

Tel: 010-5933 9090

E-mail: [email protected]