Oct 12-14, 2022
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center



The AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA expo offers a combination of exhibition and conference that cover all the major topics in the automotive industry, e.g. automotive electronics, internet of vehicles, autonomous driving, smart cockpits, EV/HV/FCV, automotive materials and weight reduction, parts and components, production technology, and MaaS. The expo is expected to attract more than 500 exhibitors and brands from China and abroad, who will be connected to more than 20,000 customers from the automotive supply chain including OEMs, first and second-tier suppliers. The visiting representatives, looking for core components, solutions and engineering & technical services, come from a broad background including technique, R&D, designing, planning, procurement, engineering, production, manufacturing, quality control, and management. AWC is advantaged in various ways: it is held in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, where there is a fully developed new energy and smart car industry and strong economic influence in the Asian region; and it is supported by the international resources and brand influence of the Automotive World network in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan. AWC makes efficient and convenient connection between the exhibitors and target customers. Through AWC, the participants and their cooperation will promote new technologies and applications, tap new needs for industry development, and expose new business opportunities in the market.


Why Exhibit

1.Smart car and new energy vehicle markets are booming in China.

Smart cars are becoming a strategic high ground for the new round of technological and industrial revolution. China’s smart car industry is now in a golden age of rapid development. At the same time, as the consumers’ awareness of environmental protection has increased and environmental protection standards have become increasingly stringent in China, the sales and ownership of new energy vehicles in China have steadily increased. With the rapid growth in both intelligent technology and new energy technology as well as their markets, the automobile industry in China is once again welcoming historical opportunities.

2.The Greater Bay Area will prioritize advanced manufacturing industry and support emerging strategic industries.

The "Outline of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan" stated its goal as building an important economic belt - with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as the leader and the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Belt as the hinterland to drive the development of Central and Southwestern China regions and influence markets in Southeast Asia and South Asia. It strongly supports the comprehensive integration of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence technology into the industrial economy, and actively promotes the transformation, upgrading, and optimization of the manufacturing industry. It will prioritize new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy vehicle industries, and aims to build an industrial cluster formed by R&D bases and headquarters of energy conservation and environmental protection industries.

3.Strong resources rooted in the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD expo in Japan.

AWC originates from the world's leading advanced automotive technology expo, the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD expo in Japan that has been successfully held for 13 sessions. AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is now widely recognized as a large-scale, well-known and influential event in the automotive industry. AWC is co-organized by RX Global (Greater China) and RX Hengjin Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (the organizer of AMTS and AHTE). With the support from RX Japan, the organizers will create a great expo for the automotive industry.

4.Focus on the latest technologies and solutions for smart cars and new energy vehicles.

AWC covers all the major topics in the automotive industry from electronic devices and solutions to engineering technology, e.g. automotive electronics, Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving, smart cockpits, EV/HV/FCV, automotive materials and lightweight materials, parts and components, production technology, and MaaS. In a sense, it is a one-stop technology platform for the automotive industry.

5.Abundant resources in the auto industry.

The AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Tokyo, AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya, AMTS, AHTE, AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA, plus many years of small-scale pilot shows and conferences, have created a strong bond between the organizers and automotive OEMs, first- and second-tier suppliers, and other related enterprises in Asia. In 2022, AWC is expected to attract more than 20,000 technical, R&D, design, procurement, engineering, and management representatives from OEMs, first- and second-tier suppliers and other related areas.

6.High-end summits and technical seminars supported by the government, industry associations and partners.

AWC will hold high-end summits and technical seminars attended by VIP speakers of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD in Japan, high-profile government officials, industry association representatives, and expert partners. Industry opinion leaders from the United States, Japan and China will discuss in depth the new dynamics of the automotive industry's commercial and technological development. A number of technical seminars will focus on popular topics such as autonomous driving, intelligent networking, smart cockpits, and information security. In addition, there will be an innovative interactive zone where you can catch up with cutting-edge technology trends in the automotive industry.

7.Plenty of value-added services for more efficient marketing.

Through a wide range of promotional activities such as booth services, conference sponsorship, media interviews, and big data-based marketing, AWC offers more brand promotion and marketing opportunities. Participants also have the opportunity to find out true buyer needs and obtain orders through a variety of activities like business match-making and commercial salons.

8.Benefit from overlap visitors of concurrent events, including representatives from OEMs and first- and second-tier suppliers.

NEPCON Asia and C-Touch and Display Shenzhen will be held along with AWC. Their visitors also include OEMs and first and second-tier suppliers interested in automotive electronics and smart cockpit. Thus together they will create more values, especially to AWC. 


Exhibit Profile

Automotive electronics, internet of vehicles technology and solutions, autonomous driving technology and solutions, smart cockpit solutions, new energy power solutions, automotive materials and weight reduction solutions, automotive parts and processing, automotive manufacturing, automotive test and measurement.

In-vehicle Zone

  • In-vehicle Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Batteries/ Capacitors/Resistors
  • Communication Module
  • Touch panels/Display Modules
  • Modules (LCD/FED/VFD)
  • Connectors/Cables/Harnesses

Telematics Technology Zone

  • Telematics Operating System
  • Human Machine Interface
  • In-vehicle OS
  • Communication Module
  • Security System
  • Telematics Service
  • Internet of Vehicle

Autonomous Driving Technology Zone

  • ADAS
  • Radars
  • Sensor Modules
  • In-vehicle Camera Module
  • Image Processing System
  • R&D Support Tools/Services
  • In-vehicle Software

EV Technology Zone

  • Thermal Battery/Energy Storage Battery
  • Power Module/Battery Management System
  • Electrical Machine/Electronic Control System
  • Inverter/Transverter

Testing Technology Zone

  • Testing Simulation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Track simulation and laboratory
  • EMC Analysis
  • Simulation Software
  • On-board Diagnostics

Automotive Materials Zone

• Sealing & Adhesive
• Insulating Material
• Special Material
• Battery Material


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