November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


November 6-8, 2024

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

As the world’s leading platform focused on Advanced New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Tech- nologies, Automotive World China (AWC) brings together technology suppliers and automotive manufacturers along the entire value chain from more than 50 countries to forge partnership, seek new inspirations and build businesses.


Scale of AWC  2024

50,000 Sqm

Show Area






International Visitors

160,000 Sqm

Total Exhibition Area of 4 Co-Located Events


Total Exhibitors of 4 Co-Located Events


Total Visitors of 4 Co-Located Events



Six Unique Advantages


365-day engagement with automotive industry –10 satellite events within China prior to the event to engage automotive manufacturers.


Global roadshows to network and conduct business with overseas buyers - 4 stops in Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam


A truly international automotive event focused on New Energy and Intelligent Vehicles Solutions that enable exhibitors to meet more than 1,500 international trade visitors.


Meet with 1,000 conference delegates at concurrent Automotive Summit.


Sino-European-American Automotive Industry Exchange Forum.


1,000 match-making sessions within the show days

Exhibits Profile

Chips, wires, ceramic capacitors, connectors, relays, safety capacitors, circuit boards, secondary and tertiary thyristors, fusible links, circuit breakers, fuses, resistors, capacitors, coils, etc

High strength steel, ultra-fine grain steel, aluminum alloy material, magnesium alloy material, carbon fiber, recycled plastic, resin, polycarbonate, natural wood, graphene reinforced carbon fiber, nanomaterials, superconducting materials, silent alloys, unbreakable glass, carbon ceramic composite materials, etc

Chips, wires, ceramic capacitors, connectors, relays, safety capacitors, circuit boards, secondary & tertiary thyristors, fusible links, circuit breakers, fuses, resistors, capacitors, coils, etc

Lithium battery, power battery, motor, motor control, battery materials, battery case, cell, module,

battery pack/battery system, electrode preparation equipment (stirring, coating, cold pressing), cell

assembly equipment (winding/laminating, assembly), & formation testing equipment

Component manufacturing engineering, interior & exterior design & manufacturing, chassis design &

manufacturing, automotive mold design & manufacturing, powertrain systems, stamping engineering,

welding & linkage engineering, laser engineering, coating engineering, final assembly engineering,

future automotive development, intelligent production line logistics, supply & transportation technology+transmission & handling technology, assembly & connection technology, transmission technology+-monitoring & testing technology+data acquisition &

intelligent sensing Process control technology+software & services, AI+machine vision+industrial robot smart manufacturing engineering, quality control & testing engineering, assembly system integration, bonding engineering

Testing simulation software, basic software, data analysis software, internet connection software, information & entertainment soft- ware, security software, cloud platform, etc

 Autonomous driving, advanced sensors, controllers, actuators, information communi- cation, internet, big data, cloud computing, AI, etc

Visitor Profile

Visiting Companies

  •  Automotive manufacturers
  •  Tier 1 sub-contractors
  •  Automotive OEM manufacturers
  •  Automotive electronics manufacturers
  •  Automotive design companies
  •  Automotive components manufacturers
  •  System integrators
  •  Automotive battery manufacturers
  •  Automotive research 
  •  institutes
  •  Government authorities
  •  Trade associations
  •  Media

Roles of visitors

  • Management
  • Planning and Integration
  • Research, Design and Development
  • Production and Project Management
  • Technical Development
  • Procurement
  • Technicians/Engineers
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Quality Control
  • Sales & Marketing

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Welcome to the AWC China Automotive Industry Technology Exhibition.

Now, be yourself and enjoy yourself.

Welcome to RX' Automotive World China, where everyone belongs.A culture of inclusion is fostered at all of our events, where everyone's uniqueness is celebrated. Our exhibitors, visitors, partners, and all of our colleagues come from diverse backgrounds, which makes our show stronger and our collective experience richer. Now, be yourself and enjoy every event.