Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Organisers and Supporting Organisations

Organised by:

Reed Exhibitions


After 40 years of rapid development, Reed Exhibitions Greater China (RXGC) is a renowned professional exhibition organiser in China, with several member companies and joint ventures: Reed Exhibitions Beijing, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibitions (Shenzhen), Reed Huaqun Exhibitions Beijing, Reed Xin Exhibitions Shanghai, Reed Huabai Exhibitions (Beijing) Co. Ltd., and Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co. In 2021, RXGC hosted around 70 events in China, with a total exhibition space of over 2.3 million square meters, attracting more than 30,000 exhibitors and over 1.3 million visitors from home and abroad. At the same time, RXGC hosts over 120 online events throughout the year, breaking through time and space to provide 365 days of product exposure, business opportunity building, transaction facilitation, insight sharing, and knowledge learning for the industry community.

Concurrent Summits


China Future Transportation Industry Conference

Organizer: China Communications and Transportation Association


China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) is a national, industry-based, non-profit social organization with legal personality, approved by the former State Planning Commission. It is jointly sponsored by departments and units of transportation, railway, civil aviation, postal service and military transportation, and voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions, and individuals engaged in transportation and logistics. CCTA is a comprehensive transportation association, specialising on the "four services" for the country, the industry, the enterprise, and the society, playing the role of bridge and link between the government and the enterprise, and the role of counselor and assistant. The goal of the association is to promote the development of China's transportation and modern logistics. At the same time, CCCC is also one of the members of the National Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Modern Logistics. China Jiaotong Association now has more than 3000 members.


Organiser: China Communications Association (CCA), Reed Exhibitions, Faisheng Consulting

Co-organiser: China Communications and Transportation Association Logistics Investment and Financing Branch, China Communications and Transportation Association Large Item Logistics Professional Committee


China Communications and Transportation Association (CATA) Road-Air Cooperative Transportation Branch


It is a branch of China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA), an association jointly sponsored by Electronic Science Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and Jiaotong Science and Technology Group Co. Investing in deepening the research of road-air three-dimensional transportation system, continuous achievement transformation and demonstration application. With the development vision of organising and coordinating to build a three-dimensional transportation system characterized by networking, unmanned, intelligence, service and integration, and the construction of a three-dimensional transportation system with road-air coordination as an extension, we will collaborate with all parties in policy, planning, management, technology, information, equipment, and operation system. This is to form a deep cross-border integration of medical rescue, rescue and disaster relief, freight logistics, and transport-tour combination under a three-dimensional transportation pattern in order to realise the common construction, sharing, and synergistic development of transportation resources such as highway, waterway, railroad, navigation, and postal service.