November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

TAP Club

About TAP Club

TAP Club offers a trading platform meticulously designed by AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA for high-quality visitors with purchase demand or plan from electronics manufacturers, and aims to connect you with senior management of our exhibitors.

Through this platform, you can access to the latest information on products and technologies in the automotive electronics manufacturing industry, talk face-to-face with target exhibitors, enjoy exclusive top-level services and make your visit a joyful and fruitful experience.

Exclusive Privileges for TAPs


Quick entrance without queuing up for registration

First-hand information on newly launched products

Access to TAP Lounge on the fairgrounds

Gift package for TAPs


Tailor-made visiting tour

Appointment with target exhibitors for on-site meeting

Get your insights published through interviews


How to become a TAP

If you come from the following functions with purchase intent in the below industry sectors, after pre-registration and being verified by the organizer you can become a TAP to enjoy all privileges!

Industry Sectors


•Tier 1 suppliers

They are:

Board chair | President | GM | Deputy GM | Director | Plant Manager | Chief Engineer | Research & Development Director

Please contact

Ms. Jennie Pan

Tel:+86 0755 2383 4565

[email protected]

2023AWC-TAP Program Overview

A total of 2,087 business matching sessions were facilitated through the TAP Program, including 1,652 domestic and 435 international sessions. We found that domestic and international visitors were mainly looking for opportunities to expand overseas markets, intelligent automotive transportation technology, unmanned driving solutions, autonomous driving solutions, integrated safety systems and solutions, and suppliers for the production of new energy vehicles.

  • 89.8% of TAPs are satisfied with the Business match-making and service
  • 93.9% of TAPs are satisfied with the overall visit

List of TAPs

Comments from VIP Buyers

Fan Xinyu, Purchasing Staff, Desay Sy

I sincerely thank RX for providing us with a learning and communication platform and keeping us updated on the cutting-edge knowledge and information of the market. This provides a lot of new approaches for the future development of our products! I sincerely wish all the best for AWC!


Jiang Zheng, Engineer of Foresight Department, GAC R & D Center

Compared with last year's event, this year’s exhibition has made considerable progress and improvement with a greater variety of more professional exhibitors. Moreover, the SAE-AWC Automated Vehicle Security & Safety Technology Forum gathered a lot of big names and spawned heated discussion and active thinking. I have benefited a great deal and I hope the best for next year's exhibition.


Kong Xianjun, Expert of the Department of Intelligent Network Development, BYD Auto

The highly-anticipated AWC was held on schedule at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, and I eagerly arrived there earlier than what I did for other exhibitions. With very professional and thoughtful on-site services provided by exhibition staffers, the exhibition was arranged like a homely gathering. Moreover, the SAE-AWC Automated Vehicle Security & Safety Technology Forum showed new direction for the industry, and the addresses of speakers benefited me a great deal. So I am very grateful for AWC and looking forward to next year's exhibition!


Lin Hongjing, Senior Research Fellow of Development Management, New Energy Institute, Baoneng Motor

I want to express my gratitude to the sponsors of AWC for their kind invitation. Several representatives of Baoneng Motor's New Energy Institute paid visits to this exhibition and learned from mainstream auto companies about the cutting-edge technologies in automobile driving, network security and other fields about new energy vehicles, so they found it very worthwhile. Today, at a time when China strongly supports promising industries such as automobile control systems, autonomous driving, and intelligent networking, AWC has created such a rare opportunity for mutual exchanges, which has somewhat contributed to industrial development. In addition, considering AWC's thoughtful services, we are already looking forward to our next visit to the exhibition.


Mr. JUM YONG CHUMPOL  TAPMA G2 (Thailand Automotive Part Manufacturing Association: 2nd Generation)

The venue is big and convenient . We find several potential suppliers that we can continue working with them after the exhibition. The seminar is nice . Even though I don’t understand Chinese but organizer prepare real time translator and headphone. So we can understand the presentation.