October 11-13, 2023
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

AWC Summit | China Intelligent Networked Vehicle Industry Summit Main Forum Agenda Preview, Focus on Future Mobility!

Intelligent networked vehicles are an important means to solve the problems of traffic safety, road congestion, energy consumption, etc., and also help drive industrial upgrading. The current development of intelligent networked vehicles is characterized by accelerated breakthroughs in core technologies, accelerated development of basic support, and accelerated maturation of the industrial ecology, with new business models emerging. The rapid development of intelligent network connections, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and digitalization is reshaping the automotive industry, and more and more innovative technologies and products are being applied to automobiles. Traditional automakers will work with a growing number of collaborators to create a new, complex, and horizontally evolving automotive ecosystem. Future automotive developers must better collaborate with collaborators to meet the challenges of the huge changes in industry structure, business models, travel patterns, and competitive dynamics of the future transportation ecosystem.

In 2022, the China Intelligent Networked Vehicle Industry Summit will be held in conjunction with Automotive World China, with a larger conference scale, more high-level industry experts and richer conference themes, covering multiple technical directions through the main forum and several sub-forums, bringing more exciting conference content to industry participants.

From Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2022, Reed Exhibitions will cooperate with China Communications and Transportation Association and China Communications and Transportation Association Road-Air Cooperative Stereo Transportation Branch to co-organize the main forum of the exhibition: China Future Transportation Industry Development Summit - Intelligent Networked Vehicles.

Main Forum Topics

China Future Transportation Industry Development Summit - Intelligent Networked Vehicles

  • November 30 morning: Future Intelligent Transportation

  • November 30 afternoon: future transportation industry - road-air cooperative three-dimensional transportation

  • December 1 morning: new energy heavy truck and autonomous driving trunk line logistics

  • December 1 afternoon: autonomous driving algorithm


  • Electrical and Electronic Architecture Sub-forum: EE Architecture Upgrade and Domain Controller

  • Intelligent Cockpit Session: Human-Machine Co-Building to Enhance Intelligent Cockpit User Experience

  • Battery Forum: New Battery Exploration and Battery Core Element Recovery

  • Semiconductor session: Collaborative innovation between semiconductor companies and automotive companies to explore smart car design


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Main Forum Introduction and Agenda


Summit Name: China Future Transportation Industry Development Summit


Presentation Topic 


Nov. 30 morning theme: the future of intelligent transportation 


Moderator opening and speech 

China Communications and Transportation Association 



Shenzhen Municipal People's Government 


Accelerate industrial technology innovation to help strengthen the transportation 

Science and Technology Department 


Promote the development of intelligent networked vehicle industry to achieve new results 

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 


Full integration of cutting-edge technology and transportation 

Ministry of Transportation and Communications 



China Association of Automobile Manufacturers 


Flying Cars and the Future of Transportation 

Tsinghua University School of Transportation 


Traffic metaverse - making traffic science fiction a reality 

Science Fiction Writers 


Keynote Speech 

Automotive companies 


Keynote Speech 

Automotive companies 


Forum Release: Flying Car Technology Path White Paper Released 


Concluding remarks 

China Communications and Transportation Association 

Nov. 30 p.m. Theme: Future Transportation Industry - Road-Air Cooperative Three-Dimensional Transportation


Road and air synergy three-dimensional transportation system construction ideas 

Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications 


Sharing of domestic and international road-air cooperative operation application cases 

China Communications and Transportation Association Road-Air Cooperative Three-dimensional Transportation Branch 


How to develop a new model of road-air cooperative three-dimensional traffic and autonomous driving 

China Communications and Transportation Association 


Intelligent driving solutions and car companies cooperation case 



Road and air integration to release the price of innovation - Xiaopeng Huitian flying car 

Xiaopeng Auto 


BeiDou satellite navigation helps future three-dimensional transportation 



Urban air distribution network to improve the three-dimensional integrated transportation system 

CyberAnt Network Technology 

Dec. 1 morning theme: new energy heavy trucks and autonomous driving trunk logistics


New energy intelligent heavy truck to help logistics technology upgrade 

SAIC-Youdao Zhitou 


Recent Developments in Smart Networked Vehicle Law and Policy 

Junhe Law Firm 


Technological advances to speed up the application of intelligent driving on the ground in the logistics market 

Shunfeng Express 


Keynote Speech 

To be determined 

Social Tea Breaks 


Keynote Speech 

To be determined 


Create a digital smart supply chain through the application of innovative technologies 

Jingdong Logistics 

Dec. 1  PM Topic: Autonomous Driving Algorithms


Algorithms for complex road scenarios 

Shang Tang Technology 


Tesla Vision Algorithm Advantage 



Recent advances in key technologies for path planning algorithms in smart vehicles 

Tongji University 


Computer vision deep learning algorithm and environment perception system 

Valeo Detection Systems (Shenzhen) Co. 

Social Tea Breaks 


Keynote Speech 

To be determined 


Vision and control algorithm key technology 

Pony Smart 

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Preferential Policies

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Meeting Benefits

  1. All paid tickets will be entitled to lunch vouchers for: 
    Main forum tickets Nov.30-Dec.1 (2 lunch vouchers), sub-forum tickets Dec. 1 (1 lunch voucher) 

  1. Speaker PPT (external sharing version) 

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