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AWC Automotive News│Beijing Launches Normalized Charges for Unmanned Travel Services; "Research Results on Construction of Automotive Chip Standard System" Released; GAC Group Invests in Energy Technology Company

Shenzhen: Promote 1,000 fuel cell vehicles and build 10 hydrogen refueling stations in 2025

On July 18, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission issued the "Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy Industry Innovation Development Action Plan 2022–2025 (Draft for Comments) (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Comments"). The Draft proposed that by 2025, a significant breakthrough will be achieved in innovation capacity building, industrial development scale, and product application demonstration and promotion, and an ecological system of hydrogen energy industry development will be formed with a basically independent and controllable industrial chain and a reasonable and orderly spatial layout; the initial commercialization of hydrogen energy will be promoted and applied; and the scale of the hydrogen energy industry will reach 50 billion yuan.

Demonstrate no less than 1,000 fuel cell vehicles; build no less than 10 hydrogen refueling stations; have no less than 100 sets of distributed energy, combined heat and power supply, and standby power applications; and demonstrate no less than 100 units (sets) of hydrogen energy ships 1–3, hydrogen energy drones, and emerging and crossover areas such as shared bicycles and life and health. (Trolley Resources)

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerate the pilot of intelligent networked vehicle access management

July 19 news, the Ministry of Industry and Information Equipment Industry Division I recently organized the Intelligent Networked Vehicle Promotion Group (ICV-2035) 2022 annual work conference. Equipment Industry Division I stressed the need to further grasp the trend of industrial change and development pulse, continue to strengthen research and evaluation of major issues, strengthen the coordination of resources, accelerate the implementation of an intelligent networked vehicle access management pilot, promote the application of key core technology research and development, organize a larger range of more scenarios test demonstrations, synchronize the work of improving regulations and policies, technical standards development, industrial ecological construction, etc., and strive to promote China's intelligent networked vehicle industry's better and faster development. (CCTV)

Beijing launches unmanned travel service standing charge

On July 20, the Beijing Intelligent Networked Vehicle Policy Pilot Zone announced the opening of the first domestic unmanned travel service commercialization pilot. Baidu and Pony Smart became the first batch of licensed companies and will put 30 main driver unmanned vehicles in the core area of the Economic Development Zone within 60 square kilometers to carry out normalized charging services.

According to the official news of Pony Smart, the company's Robotaxi service with "no safety officer on the main driver and a safety officer on the passenger side" will be charged at the same rate as Pony Smart with a safety officer on the main driver: 3 yuan/km during peak hours and 2.6 yuan/km during normal hours. 2.6 yuan/km during normal hours. However, in the pre-service period, Pony Smart will also offer a 1.5 percent discount on fares. (Gaijin Auto)

The first domestic energy efficiency laboratory for new energy vehicles was opened

On July 20, the whole-vehicle energy-efficiency development laboratory jointly built by the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center and Siemens was completed and operated in the Beijing Economic Development Zone. This is the first vehicle energy efficiency development laboratory for new energy vehicles in China, and its standard is on par with the international first class.

The National Technology Innovation Center for New Energy Vehicles is the first national technology innovation center in the automotive industry, promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with breakthroughs in common key technologies for new energy vehicles as the core driver. The completed laboratory focuses on the energy efficiency development of new energy vehicles and can also be used for hybrid vehicles and traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, filling the gap in this field in China. (Beijing Daily)

The research results of the construction of automotive chip standard system were released

On July 20, China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance released the "Automotive Chip Standard System Construction Research Results",  including the "Automotive Chip Standard Status Compendium Research Report", "Automotive Chip Technology Structure Analysis Research Report", "Automotive Chip Standardization Demand Research Report", "Automotive Chip Standard System Architecture and Standard Research Project Details", and many other research results to accelerate the construction of the automotive chip standard system.

At present, 15 standards within the automotive chip standard system have been developed and released, involving the general requirements of automotive control chips, communication chips, power semiconductors, reliability, functional safety, system matching test, vehicle matching test, and many other fields. (The first electric network)

New trends in key companies

Xiaopeng Auto and YiHi Travel enter into a strategic partnership

On July 19, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Xiaopeng Auto and Yi Hi Travel was held at Xiaopeng Auto's Guangzhou R&D headquarters, and the two sides formally reached a strategic partnership. This is the first time that a new power company cooperates with a travel leasing platform, and batches of smart electric cars are online. It is expected that the strategic partnership reached by the two parties will result in the acquisition and operation of several Xiaopeng car models. At the signing ceremony, Peng Auto made the first delivery of vehicles to One Hi Travel, which will be the first online in seven cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Haikou, and Sanya, during the summer holidays this year. (Yangcheng Evening News - Yangcheng Pai)

VW and STMicroelectronics collaborate on new chip

On July 20, according to foreign media reports, Volkswagen Group and STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics), said the two companies will jointly develop a new type of semiconductor in response to the current global microchip crisis leading to tight supply chain conditions in the automotive industry. The move indicates that Europe's largest automaker, Volkswagen, is working to gain greater control over the supply of chips, and this is the first time Volkswagen has established a relationship directly with a second- or third-tier semiconductor supplier. (Gaijin Automotive)

Full Electric Travel, a subsidiary of Four Dimensions, cooperates with Energy Chain Smart Electric

Recently, Full Power Travel, a subsidiary of Four Dimensions, has reached a deep level of cooperation with Energy Chain Smart Power. The two sides will integrate their resources and advantages in the field of new energy vehicle intelligent travel and charging services and jointly provide more digital and intelligent new energy travel and energy replenishment services for vehicle enterprises and new energy vehicle owners, as well as work together to create a leading industry charging experience. (New Vision)

BYD announced its official entry into the Japanese market

Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BYD) Japan Branch (BYD JAPAN Co., Ltd.) held a brand launch in Tokyo on July 21, announcing its official entry into the Japanese passenger car market and unveiling three models: the Yuan PLUS, Dolphin, and Seal. Under the wave of Chinese cars going abroad, BYD accelerated the layout of the overseas passenger car market. (China News Network)

Baidu unveils Apollo RT6, the sixth generation of mass-production unmanned vehicles

On July 21, at the 2022 Baidu World Congress, Baidu officially launched the sixth generation of mass-produced unmanned vehicles, the Apollo RT6. According to the introduction, the Apollo RT6 has the ability to drive unmanned on complex urban roads, the cost of the whole vehicle is down to 250,000, and it plans to be the first to use its turnip-fast running platform in 2023. The vehicle is expected to be deployed in the future in tens of thousands of vehicles across the country. (Economic Observation Network)

The first SUV with Huawei Hongmeng intelligent cockpit will be available soon

According to July 21 news, Beijing Automotive's SUV Magic will be listed on July 28, and this new car features the first domestic fuel car equipped with Huawei Hongmeng intelligent cockpit solution and uses the vehicle-grade Huawei Kirin 990A high-calculus intelligent cockpit chip, with a pre-sale price of 102,900-153,900 yuan previously announced. (Cai Lian News Agency)

The first dual-brand authorized new energy vehicle repair station opened by Ningde Times and Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

On July 25, according to Ningde Times official news, the first dual-brand authorized new energy vehicle repair station of Ningde Times and Bosch Automotive Aftermarket: Chongqing Runhe New Energy Vehicle Co. It is understood that the Ningde Times and Bosch dual-brand authorized repair station covers an area of about 2400 square meters, mainly for new energy vehicles, to provide comprehensive and professional maintenance services. In addition, the two sides will jointly carry out new energy vehicle after-sales personnel training, skill recognition, and other services. (IT House)

LG New Energy and Huayou Cobalt Cooperation

On July 26, LG New Energy announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with China's Huayou Cobalt to establish battery recycling plants to ensure the supply of raw materials for lithium-ion battery components, according to a report in the South Korean newspaper, The Herald. The joint venture deal will commit the two companies, establishing two plants to extract nickel, cobalt, and lithium from used batteries, the report said. The pre-processing plant to process used batteries will be built at LG New Energy's production plant in Nanjing, and the post-processing plant to process recycled metals will be built at Huayou Cobalt's operations in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. (Caijing.com)

Investment and Financing Information

Yigatong, a car intelligent technology company, received strategic investment from Luminar

On July 21, Luminar announced a partnership with Yigatong in vehicle-grade technology, and Luminar will make a strategic equity investment in Yigatong technology. It is understood that this partnership will connect Luminar with Geely and its ecosystem through Yigatong to accelerate the deployment of its long-range LIDAR and software in China and the global market. (CIC)

Nezha Motors Completes Series D3 Financing for Over $3 Billion

July 22, 2012 - Nezha Motors announced that the D3 round of financing for Nezha Motors has recently closed and is currently in the process of being delivered. This round of financing is valued at over RMB 3 billion, with funds to be used for subsequent product development, technological innovation, factory expansion, and supplemental working capital. Together with the previous D1 and D2 rounds of financing, the company has raised nearly RMB 10 billion in Series D. It will subsequently accelerate the completion of its shareholding restructuring. (36 Krypton)

Overlook Intelligent Overfunding Completes Series A1 Financing of Nearly 100 Million Yuan

(hereinafter referred to as "Overlook Intelligence") has received nearly 100 million RMB A1 round of financing after half a year, and the investors are C&D Fund, Beijing West Culture and Travel Technology Fund, Shanghai Jizuka, Shenzhen Song Shang, and the Series A lead investor, Core Dynamics Investment. The lead investor in Series A, Core Dynamic Investment, continues to pursue the investment. After this round of financing, Overlook Intelligence will continue to deepen its core imaging technology, deepen the layout of research and development of independent imaging key products, system platforms, and algorithms, accelerate innovative imaging technology solutions and products to form industry-scale replication, and collaborate with customers to create an innovative and differentiated imaging product experience. (Techweb)

GAC Group Invests in Energy Technology Company

On July 26th, GACEAN announced its joint investment with parent company GAC Group, GAC Energy Technology Co. The new company's business scope will include charging and switching network construction and operation, technology research and development, battery operation and management, energy trading, solar power technology, energy storage technology, data processing and storage, and other areas, with an estimated investment of 4.96 billion yuan in the next few years. (AutoZone)