November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Special Guests

About the Invited Guest Club

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA is a business platform for high-quality visitors with purchasing needs or plans in the automotive electronics industry.


Here, you can get instant product and technology information about the automotive electronics manufacturing industry, communicate with your favourite exhibitors face-to-face, enjoy exclusive VIP services, and get a convenient viewing experience.


Special Guest Privileges

No registration and fast access 


New product debut 


VIP Lounge 


Invited VIP gift bag 

Tailor-made exhibition itinerary 


On-site appointment with your favourite exhibitors 


Participate in interviews and express your views 



How to become a special guest

If you are from the following industries and have the intention to purchase and meet the following relevant positions, after pre-registration and verification by the organizer, you can become a special guest and enjoy special privileges!

  • Automobile manufacturers / OEMs

  • Tier 1 suppliers


Guests' position requirements: 

  • Chairman

  • President

  • General Manager

  • Vice President

  • Director

  • Plant Manager

  • Chief Engineer

  • R&D Director

  • Design Director


If you need any assistance, please call the TAP VIP service line:

Chopin Mo

Tel: +86 755 2383 4577

E-mail: [email protected]